Friday, June 12, 2009

Dude play date

On wed. a friend had a small play date for our boys (but mostly us mommies). She has a son that is a month older than Donovan, who's name is Landon and is super cute. He is a very well behaved baby and even lets his mommy put him down for naps and bedtime when he is awake. I hope he teaches Donovan how to do that. There was also another boy there, Parker, who is almost a year and a half old and who is also a doll. We took the opportunity to get a quick photo shoot of all the boys while they were all miraculously awake and happy and here are the resulting photos.
Landon and Donovan before Parker got there.

These guys are going to be best buds.

Landon, Parker and Donovan. Check out that smile on Dono!

Parker looks like he is thinking about crying because Donovan kept tipping over and laying on him and he wasn't too sure he liked that.

Sitting pretty.

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