Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Grandparents

This past Sunday, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom had a small family get together for the three June birthdays, Mary, Matt and Grandpa. It was a very nice day and was the first time that Donovan got to meet his Great Grandparents and his Aunt Jody. Unfortunately he was mostly sleepy and crabby while we were there but he did manage to have a few happy minutes when he showed the ladies of the family his beautiful smile. Here are some of the pictures from the day.

Donovan and his Aunt Jody.

Entertaining in the kitchen.

Center of attention.

This is how we get Donovan to smile on command, even when he is maybe not in the mood. We rub the cloth over his lips and he smiles pretty much every time. He loves it!

Putting the crabby pants on with Great Grandma B.

That's a little better.

With Aunt Mary. We found out that if Donovan is crying and does not want to calm down or take his binky, a way to encourage him to take his binky is to dip the tip in chocolate ice cream which he then takes right away. Who knew?

Close up.

Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of Donovan and his great grandpa since he was so crabby, so next time we get together we will get several to make up for it.

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