Monday, June 29, 2009

Family time

On Friday Donovan got to visit with his great grandparents again however, this time they brought along my Aunt Sandy and cousin Alex who were in visiting from Ohio. It was a very nice visit and Donovan was happy for the majority of it so that always makes it better. Alex is very excited to have another boy cousin, as us girls still outnumber the boys in the family. It will be no time at all before Donovan is toddling after Alex, learning lots of boy stuff from him. We sure do love our family!
Aunt Sandy, Great grandpa and Alex checking out Donovan.

Entertaining the masses.

Donovan and Alex hanging out. Donovan is so big he practically smushed Alex!

Getting comforted by Great grandpa B.

More dude time.

All the dudes from the hang out day (daddy was at work).

Great grandparents with Donovan (pardon the funny face on little man, something was perplexing him).

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